Future machines by Joey Ruiter – Consumer car, Snoped & other

joey ruiter Consumer car project

Incredible future machines created by a brave and extremely creative mind of industrial designer Joey Ruiter shock from the first glance. Simple geometrical shape of his vehicles instantly draws attention and causes confusion and excitement at the same time.



Joey ruiter convertible car


Being a fan of classic automotive design he strives for simplicity and natural appeal of simple things. In one of the interviews he says: “I take complex problems and make the solution as simple as possible. I like the people to stand out more than the furniture” and the same approach is reflected in his vision of the future transportation.

jon ruiter consumer car

Joey Ruiter`s square cabriolet car looks rather controversial. It is very simple in terms of design and without exaggerations reminds a brick. Regular wheel wells are covered with decorative panels that perfectly flow with a square body of the vehicle. Minimalistic wind-braker windscreen and simple black lather interior remind vintage cars and look somehow appealing. Three-spoke steering wheel is an unmistakable tribute to the timeless sport cars of the past.

jon ruiters consumer car what base?

Two strange cut outs on the body sides remind giant USB ports that are so common for us today. The exterior looks simple but when you take a closer look and try to analyze it, every single edge seems to be flowing to another at a perfect angle, creating a stylish curve.


joey ruiter personal transportation of the future

Square front end of Joey Ruiter`s future machine reminds nothing but the mirror or a solar panel, which lights up in the dark and becomes one giant LED headlight.


Another cool project is made to reimagine the classic shape of a boat. Again, simple at the first glance shape reminds a plain triangle, however the bottom edges of the boat are curved in a very functional manner.

boat of the future by Joey Ruiter

Futuristic boat design new


Motorcycle or a mirror polished stainless steel brick?

future motorcycle design joey ruiter


Unique fusion of a motorcycle, snowmobile and… a brick also turns in a quite interesting product.


New snowmobile design retro view

Future machines of Joey Ruiter are certainly controversial but they do appeal to us with their simple shapes and pure functionality. Perhaps we are getting tired of the over the top fancy design of modern vehicles and start to look at the roots and simplicity.

Keep pushing the boundaries – the future is today! More on his tribe page.


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