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delorean flying carThe Delorean time machine is certainly one of the most remarkable cars in the history of Hollywood movies. It became an icon for many generations of people around the world. BTTF Delorean is a mysterious and attractive car with a timeless design that still looks pretty cool today.

Back to the future car make

Back to the future car make Delorean – is it even real? Certainly it was a big question for everyone who watched the movie for the first time. Unique car with gullwing doors that open in a space ship style was probably as important character of the movie as Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown. Unlike popular beliefs the car is a real production model Delorean DMC-12 that was available for sale between 1981 and 1983.

delorean doorsIt’s hard to imagine a car that would fit in the concept of time travel better than this unique model. Some say that a famous American car manufacturer Chevy was looking to offer a solid amount to the movie directors for using their top-notch Chevy Corvette model in the role of a key car, however this offer was rejected.

For many of us time machine Delorean from the movie Back To the Future is associated with a first flying car. In the part 2 of the trilogy, Doctor Emmet Brown takes a journey to the future and equips his car with a unique module that enables a vertical takeoff, landing and hovering above the ground surface.

delorean dmc 12 in smokeThanks to the computer graphics the process of hovering was shown very precisely and with great attention to details which made it look pretty natural. Back then, in the mid 80’s people really considered flying possible by the beginning of the 2015th. Unfortunately it didn’t happen yet, but the car from this epic movie became the main symbol of the flying cars.

delorean time machine interiorDuring last few years, we often come across the information that the whole brand DeLorean is going to be relaunched with their famous model DMC 12. It will save the timeless design of a car and combine it with modern internal components. Certainly this would be welcomed by a wide audience because, around the world there are thousands of fan clubs dedicated to the back to the future car make.

2017 delorean dmc 12 photo

Time machine delorean- what does it take to own one?

So we were thinking what if you decide to make your dream come true and actually buy yourself a bttf delorean?
It’s actually not that complicated as may appear. A quick glance at Ebay motors gives us a pretty good selection of cars in different conditions. The good thing is that prices range from very attractive $17000 up to $80k for the top notch collector’s model with just 217 miles on odometer. The majority of these cars lay in the under-25k segment, which means that you can easily find yourself a good example for the price of a new hatchback like Ford Focus.

delorean time machine memeAs you understand from the tech specs this car is not really performance orientated, it’s not very easy to get repair parts for it and find a place to do the maintenance, but it is not that difficult as it may appear from the first glance. Delorean from ebay motors with the biggest mileage has got only 25k miles! This is extremely low in compare to regular cars, which makes us believe that these cars should be in a good condition.
Rust issues – not on the body of Delorean, because it is actually built from the pure stainless steel, which has nothing to do with rust.

delorean doors gull wingBasically the time machine Delorean provides all necessary comfort features such as power windows, automatic transmission, air conditioning, leather interior and…what else do you actually need?
V6 motor doesn’t give much power, but it will be just enough for stylish cruising and daily commute. Plus it provides a pretty not bad gas mileage in compare to the V8 cars.

Delorean from back to the future is an icon and it is not hard to imagine how much attention you’ll be getting during your daily commute to work. You will automatically get yourself to the brighter side. because every time you see your car, open the doors to get in and out, seeing thumbs up from people in the traffic will put an endless smile on your face.

Delorean owner story – video

During our research we figured out that there’s actually a pretty cool community of the owners. Being an owner of such car gives you an access to a subtle Club of the most die-hard Delorean fans who managed to buy their dram car.
There is a pretty cool forum dedicated to this model, where you can find absolutely all information related to the car such as accessories, parts, maintenance, show dates and anything else.
With Delorean DMC 12 you instantly get a ticket to any cars show and meet, which means more interesting people and thousands of admiring glances. Why not buy the time machine Delorean for yourself?


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