Lexus IS LIT – a revolutionary color changing car

Whenever we plan to buy a new car, color plays a major role in the selection. Have you ever been thinking how bad is that you have to pick only one color and live with it for the whole. What if you like a certain model in few color versions? Let’s say you drive a black business sedan from Monday to Friday and turn it Yellow or Orange on the weekend, just to make it more fun and getaway from daily routine, isn’t it great? Telling you frankly, I was dreaming about something like this when I was a kid and couldn’t decide whether I wish Santa to bring me a red or green Lamborghini. In my imagination, I was able to switch the colors just by pushing the button on my key fob. To my great surprise Lexus with it’s LIT project has managed to create a color changing car on the base of it’s brand new IS model and present it today.

The car is equipped with about 42 thousands tiny LEDs that light up simultaneously with thousands of colors, creating beautiful motion patterns. The colors change in response to human gestures and music as well! If LED wires would be placed together one by one, they would stretch half of a mile long!

lexus-lit-led-5The LIT IS is created by Lexus in a collaboration with music giant VEVO as part of a new music video of popular singer Dua Lipa – Be the one. The LED car perfectly fits in the video and definitely calling out a huge excitement among the people.

We have no doubt that this technology will be developed in the automotive industry and by approximately 2050 a color changing car will be as common as metallic paint on the cars today.

Most likely you will not see this car on the roads in observable feature, because it’s motion LED patterns are extremely distracting for other drivers, which could result in numerous car accidents every time it passes by.

Even though such a revolutionary project and collaboration with a famous singer is a pure product placement, we absolutely don’t mind Lexus doing that, because eventually things like this actually make us progress.


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